Monday, July 14, 2008

Stream of Consciousness: "Distress"

I'm sitting, watching Family Guy in the dark
while a Monster is chewing my Heart out of my Chest
. . .

. . .

No, this isn't a Sigourney Weaver movie
Just the wound left by the evils of Beauty
the Oilfires of Envy, flamed by Insecurities
and Fueled with Hatred
And in my rage, nothing is sacred

Sigh . . .

I realize life is hard. I've known that since I was born; its no mystery. But man . . . I've never had such a toll taken on my mentality as I have right nolw. I'm hurting on so many levels just to know that I've not only lost the battle, but I have inevitably lost the war, and now I'm forced to sit and watch my demise as this journey unfolds. I had only so much going for me; now I have nothing. Well, I do have something -- correction: some things -- but the magnitude of my problems eclipses my potential. I have several ideas on how to continue moving on in life, all of which seem fruitless as far as getting this Monster out of my chest. But how long will I play dumb?

I took the "Blue Pill" like a sucka
Immersed myself in the Matrix like this Shit was Real
Who am I convincing?
You're not fooling you, Me
Might be plugged into the Feed, but you won't Consume Me
I knew she . . .
She . . .
Who? . . . Who, B?

Forget about it, my nigga.
That's right; I'll just forget about it, my nigga.
Where them "Dolphins" at?

Sigh . . .

Really, the way I feel now is that the pain has been dealt, and I shouldn't stress about the past. Okay, I can do that. Now, how the fuck do you keep from stressing the Present? How do you keep from stressing the Future? Especially when both are out of your hands. Especially when gas prices remind you that you're struggling. And that those are guys aren't. You're the fucked up one, remember? Or is it just your life thats fucked up? Shit . . .

To achieve Perfection,
all Imperfections must be Removed
But if you take that approach to Life
What will you have left to Lose?

Answer: Just Your Life

Suicide is the dumbest way to lose your life, period. You want to die in a way thats gets no sympathy from me? Then kill yourself. I've never understood the reason why someone would want to end their own life. Read that last sentence one more time. The keyword there is "end." That's right motherfucker, its the end. You have just given up any chance you have of achieving happiness. It doesn't matter what your beliefs are, you're fucked any way, jailhouse style. Almost every major religion considers suicide a waste of life; Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all condemn suicide cases to hell. So if you're a religious person, offing yourself will not improve your life, so much as it will have you frying in Eternal Fire. Tsk tsk. And if you're Atheist, HEY!!! I'm sure you'll really be doing something productive decomposing in the dirt. Oh wait . . .
You see, people can not bring themselves comfort by killing themselves. It doesn't solve anything, and when considered logically, must be an act of psychosis. Sorry, but you have to be crazy to see everything the world has to offer, and to choose nothingness or Hell over all of that. So, if you're getting suicidal thoughts, fuck you. You don't even know what you have, whats been GIVEN to you, since the day your mother brought you into this world to be held in the arms of your father, with people, friends, enemies, EXPERIENCES, all there to give you a chance to prove your worth. Think about Life in its entirety, and understand what it is that you contemplate giving up. Cowardly piece of shit.

I'm sitting, watching Adult Swim in the dark,
and see the Challenge That Lies Before Me in the glow of the television

Say What?
Don't Get It? Pathetic . . .
Get this, If its Broken, Fix it
Mom taught her boy at least that much
So That's How I'm Bound To Live It
Where do you go but up
when Rock Bottom is three floors above
How do you NOT score that touch?

Sigh . . .

What can you do now but try to succeed where you have failed? Sure, there is that one problem that you have that you can't solve, and it will be resting on your mind everyday, but fact is, a lot of other problems are seriously wearing you down. As stressed as you are now, it would be safe to say that if you eliminated those other SOLVABLE problems, the load would be much lighter. Your life would improve a little as well, and you can think with a clear head. Wooossa. Life sucks, but this is a fact. After two decades, you should have had that shit figured out to the T. Make it better; what else is there to do? If you're trying to get somewhere, then GIT. Stop dwelling on the same shit that has had you stuck lately. Some shit you just have to leave alone to solve itself while you take care of everything else. And if the negative result occurs, guess what? It isn't the "end."

The End?

One Time For Your Mind.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"The Media Is The Devil!!!"

Citizens, Citizens! Here at Zu York City, me, Grizz, Jove, ???, and the indomitable Mr. Eric Michael all believe in informing the uninformed of real world events . . . when we're not talking about anything else, that is. No really, even though this is a blog and we have the right to talk about the dumbest shit imaginable (which we exercise regularly), we're still technically in the realm of media. And ooooohhhhh, do I hate media.
If anything, its more of a love/hate relationship, because in this Internet Age I couldn't really go anywhere or do anything without having to find out what the media has to offer on the subject. Media keeps me informed on sports, music, movies, art, literature, and everything else having absolutely NOTHING to do with world politics, because the news never know what the fuck's really going on; its really a large guessing game of sorts to keep the masses from realizing they don't have any more a clue than we do as to how it really works. Consider them cheerleaders, :). Its clear that I NEED the media as a whole. I certainly don't need certain aspects of it, however, and those aspects are obviously the work of the Devil. I don't want anything to do with them whatsoever, so the day I received Us Weekly in the mail, I freaked.

Oh hoh hoh hoh, don't try to pretend you can't recall what Us Weekly is. Females know all too well, males wish they could forget. I found out the same way most unsuspecting males find out: waiting in line at the grocery store. See, the owners of said grocery stores know that the one place you're most likely going to get stuck looking at stuff you're not in the least interested in is when you're in line, just trying to get home in time for Family Guy. This is the most opportune time for them to sell useless, shitty magazines that no sane person would ever spend money on (Sorry, Guera) because what else can you do to keep from getting impatient at the snail-slow cashier but read these abominations? It can only result in you being mericilessly enthralled by celebrity gossip or utterly disgusted at the nerve of it.
Now, its completely understandable that people would want to know what their favorite celebrities are up to; thats why is what that is. But even the mighty MTO takes it a little too far. Once you start seeing magazines spewing people's private lives just for profit, potentially fucking up their entire careers, you know that Hollywood is really not the place to be. I mean, have you SEEN Britney Spears of late? I've been trying to avoid looking at her at all, but I can't seem to make it out of H.E.B (or any other grocery store) without catching a glimpse of her doing something suggestively psychotic on a magazine cover. Sure, you can say its her fault for engaging in questionable activities while she's out in public, but there is no such thing as privacy for her. Have you ever seen how these criminals are able to take these "discreet" snapshots you see? They are literally torn down by paparazzi; it sort of resembles an antelope being dismantled by dozens of starving lions. There's no discretion at all, just 20 people with cameras running up to said celebrity's face and snapping away before he/she can reach for the mace. This is precisely why I think it should be perfectly legal to whoop that ass when a celebrity is hounded by the media. Its actually gotten so bad that one of my favorite websites, (check them out in the City Hall to the left) has refused to comment on her for the rest of her career, fearing they might drive her to suicide.

Take a second and read the headlines on these "Merchants of Chaos", if you will. If I was Angelina Jolie, I would have shot somebody by now. Brad Pitt seems to be sharing his entire love life with us. Jennifer Aniston downgraded to Vince Vaughn, then pulled a Brad move and started messing with John Mayer.

Adolescent girls such as the broade from High School Musical (forgive me for not Googling her name) can't even do common adolescent shit. I'm not saying EVERY girl takes pictures of herself naked and stuff . . . but have you seen MySpace lately? Yet, somehow it becomes a big deal for her. Britney Spears has gone crazy, Rihanna's cheating on Chris Brown with Travie McCoy, Nick Lachey won while Jessica Simpson stays losing, and Lindsay Lohan can't seem to make it through a SINGLE day in rehab. How do we know all of this? Well if it isn't from an "inside source" or a "pal" (WTF, how do these people pick their friends?) its lots and lots of speculation. I just saw an article that tried to claim Tom Cruise was physically abusive by using a picture showing him holding Katie Holmes upper arm firmly while walking. Now I'm not saying its not possible that he's abusive (the man is already insane) but to try to prove it off a singular photo?
Of course, there is nothing WRONG with speculation. I speculate all the time. The problem here is that they present speculation as the TRUTH, when its really just that: speculation. Ya dig?

Unfortunately, you don't need fame to have your business announced to the world for scrutiny. I remember when I was in elementary school and had to stay home sick. Those days were always spent watching talk shows with my mother; I'm talking classics like Ricki Lake, and Jenny Jones. Then there was Jerry Springer, the greatest of them all.

Of course, Jerry Springer is pretty much the epitome of trashy media, but he is excused for it because a) he was an ORIGINATOR and b) Jerry Springer was fully aware of what he was doing and wasn't pulling any punches. Jerry didn't really give a fuck what happened on his show, but that was the POINT. At the end of each episode, Jerry would give a speech that sounded just like the one he gave the day before, the overall message being: "We live in a fucked-up world, and its been like that for millenia. Deal with the shit, grin, and bear it."
There was no shadiness about that at all. People went on Jerry to fight. No one really went on there to SOLVE problems, and that was okay because there was no confusion about it either.
Today's version of Jerry, however, may as well be the Prince of Darkness himself. While Jerry was undeniably human, MAURY is clearly a spawn from the depths of hell. MAURY. Its the only show on TV that competes with Us Weekly and Star as far as sleaziness goes. You have a middle-aged white man ruining as many as 20 different people's lives in one sitting, all while trying to act like he really cares. You see the flaw in this right? Its the PRETENSE that makes this man so evil. He pretends to be a kind-hearted person, but what kind-hearted person would profit from destroying families for years on end? This guy has "Who's the Baby's Father?" MARATHONS. Sure, one can say that its society's fault for actually showing up to this shit, but come on folks. There are such a thing as stupid people, and mankind has been cursed with an abundancy of them since day one. MAURY is a very intelligent person, and he is using his intellect to drive the cattle off the cliff. That should not be allowed, moreover not by a man who's faker than Angel Lola Luv.
Understand where Maury has put the field of Media. Journalists have always searched for the hottest topics to write about, but that was on the basis that these "hottest topics" were items people would really be interested in. The Maury Show's definition of the "hottest topic" is "anything that will allow people to sit at home and talk shit even though their lives are no better." The small group of people who actually PAY to go to a Maury Show disgust me. These are normal people, no better than the ones on stage, and yet they feel compelled to judge every mofo who walks in there with cheers and jeers. You always see down-and-out people watching Maury; the women who have 3 children by 3 different daddies, but still feel comfortable watching Maury because they "KNOW who THEIR baby's fathers are"; the couch potato husbands who sit at home drinking 40 oz. all day because "at least they're not abusing THEIR children"; the adolescent teen having UNPROTECTED sex with 4 or 5 people at the age of 17 because "that kid off Maury had sex 300 times before 15". These people all give themselves a false sense of security by looking down at disappointments. They hardly ever realize that unless you look up, you'll never realize how far you've fallen.
You see what Maury is doing to you?

And in a sense, people are doing the same to their celebrities. I do admit there are some crazy socialites out there, but the media crucifies them to a point that can only be explained by society's need to look down on others, especially on those who that we put up on a pedestal in the first place. This is the sole reason behind the existence of Us Weekly. So next time you're standing in line at H.E.B. (or Wal-Mart, or Albertson's) pick up the newspaper instead. AND STOP WATCHING MAURY.

One Time For Your Mind.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Stop being so goddamn sensitive you ol’ sensitive-ass-bitch-lame-ass dudes!

Or perhaps we’ve all become to cold hearted? Over the last several weeks I’ve been tossing thoughts around in my head. The first is about “LAMES”, basically I’ve noticed that everyone is a “LAME” or at least that’s what I’m calling them the moment I see them, and not until recently did I notice how outrageous my “LAME” spotting were becoming. So I decided to try and figure out what makes a person a “LAME”. The other thought I was troubled with came as a result to trying to figure out how to truly determine if a person was in fact a “LAME” or not, and that is are people too sensitive? The connection was made when I stood up for a person who was being ousted for being a “LAME”, and I knew I wasn’t sensitive and then it struck me perhaps people have not become more sensitive instead people have become cold hearted. The follow will hopefully give you better insight and hopefully make the world a little better.
First lets discuss “LAMES” a lame is in current context someone who is an uncool person, wears uncool clothes, has an uncool attitude, or I simply feel that that person is uncool making them in fact a “LAME”. The dictionaries defines a “LAME” as a dysfunctional limb, or attribute that hinders or puts a person at a disadvantage, such as a lame arm or leg, a cripple would be “LAME” by dictionary terms.
This leaves me to believe that People started calling other People “LAMES” as to refer to what ever uncool quality they inhabited as crippling in their social life. My previous thoughts on “LAMES” were that you were lame if you didn’t rock fly shit, then realized you can rock shit that’s not name brand and still be cool. Then I started to think that people were lame if they rocked the fly shit but only because they saw a cool person rocking it,
then I had to change that after realizing that at some point I didn’t know about the fly shit and thought I was wearing fly shit, and then I adopted my new and current philosophy on “LAMES” which is what I will introduce to you now as I will attempt to break down what constitutes someone as being a “LAME”. I believe there is only 3 ways in which a person can be a “LAME” the first way-A lame can only be lame if he/she is friendless. I say this because if a person has friends then they have accepted that person and if you are accepted then your friends would not consider you lame, and if they do then they are really not your friends. If you have friends and someone thinks your lame but your friends accept you then you are now just stuck with opposing opinions and no one will ever be right. Now if you have no friends and people call you lame you would have no one besides your own self to argue for why you are not lame, and I’ll explain in my third explanation on why this does not prove that you are not lame. The second way a person can be lame is if society gets together and votes on what is lame and what is not lame. If you think about it this is they way it has always worked, society gets together (not literally like a town meeting, but sort of just unconsciously) and decides what is cool and what’s not, but never has a criteria been set out to decide whether a person is lame or not, I point to style as proof, the fact that there are different styles is proof that society has yet to decide what is lame or not. Lastly, you can only be lame if you openly admit you are lame, this goes back to the first one where if someone had no friends chances are this would be the only way to recognize you are lame, and if a person can recognize they are lame then they can correct the problem. This goes back to the dumb theory I discovered a few years back. A dumb person will not admit to being dumb and neither will a lame person, but if a person can recognize they are dumb then they can correct it, well if they are not handicapped, anything light of that a person, if properly educated can be at least at an average level IQ.
Now with all this said, what is a “LAME”?

Well it all basically boils down to this a “LAME” is all in matter of opinion, great right I could of saved you all time by writing that in the title, well it’s a little deeper than that. It works like this everyone has a style,

and yes saying “I don’t have a style” is a style just as not having an opinion is an opinion. And to say ones style is superior to another’s is essentially to say that ones opinion is superior to another’s, which as we all should know is not the case. And if agreed that everyone has a style and everyone has an opinion and that no ones opinion can be wrong then to say someone’s style is lesser than you acknowledge that your style can be lesser.

Now how does this play into being sensitive well let me try and make the connection. You see when you tell some one that they are lame and that person takes offense you hear people say things like “bitch, quit being so goddamn sensitive! Bitch!” or something to the effect, or even when someone is just joking and you get offended people like to think that the person who is offended is sensitive, where I believe the opposite, not saying a person can’t be to sensitive, but for the most part I think we as people have just become to mean. We like to tell people exactly how we feel and say that we don’t care what others think, so why do we think people care what we think? There seems to be a lot of not making sense going on in this world with double standards, don’t worry I’ll stick to the context of the before said, and we seem to think that we have a right to say whatever we damn well please and at the same time that we can’t be told anything about ourselves. So the next time your out in a mall, or any public place really, and you look over after hearing a noise or maybe some person is chatting away on their Cell and you hear the entire conversation, before we judge that person and categorize them as “LAME” lets refrain and asses the situation, does said person have friends (if on phone obviously someone will talk to him) and if you deiced that you want to call him/her a “LAME” well fine but if you must confront this so called “LAME” lets respect people and maybe say it in a manner that is not negative or overtly rude, remember how to give positive criticism.


Friday, June 20, 2008


First let me say sorry for not putting pics on this blog, please bare with me!
Now, secondly this playlist is for Megan, a good friend who's Birthday is today, party time haha yes!! So let me start with the party song of the night

Nas- You know my style
this joint is one of the best club bangers in a long time and got slept on like rip van winkle, me and Zu talked bout it yesterday matter-a-fact and the entire streets disciple album got slept on, so wake up!

The Cool Kids- What up man
oh oh oh not enough to say about this track, its the cool kids, its cool, '..i made this beat with my mouth and a bell/ just and f.y.i. i'm f l y/ and for those who can't spell i'm a pretty swell guy..' just dope

Kids in the Hall- ft Bun B, Pusha T, and the Cool Kids Driving Down The Block
........anything i say could only down play how sick this track is, and if you don't know the Kids in the Hall its ok, cus now you do!!

Fatboy Slim- Talking About My Baby
Look the song has the line

ooooh, she's got on a purple afro wig
She got a hand on her hip,
lettin' her back bone slip
battin her eye, battin her eye

how could this not be the best song to ever play???

So sorry this is so short once again but I gotta get my Fafsa done, get at my friends of the city, SPACE MONKEY TAPE DECK!!!, and then get ready for Megan's Party, you the shit Megan!!
oh and Chazz0 (see what i did gave you a shout out and no one but you knows it haha) hope to see you there tonight and if anything see you in your lil bikini (ear to ear grin) Peace and love.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Today is hot, humid, and still early. So today the Playlist will reflect how my days been, starting off slow and lazy then picking up pace, which brings me to the now where I'm feeling ok and ready for some sleep, Enjoy! Bob Marley- Three Little Birds this song is always a great listen, not just when your inhaling vegetation, speaking of which what have I not done today, damn I guess it's for the better.

Sia- Academia
I just love this song and it sounds how I felt this morning slow and un-energized.

Cannibal Ox- Album The Cold Vein this is one of my favorite all time albums, its dark, deep, intelligent and sadly the only album the group produced. It gained wide acclaim and was compared to the WU-Tang's 36 Chambers. I've turned alot of friends on to this album and its worth a listen.

Lastly I want to toss out a song that encompasses my day completely, enjoy! Peaches-fuck the pain away

Where I'm at.....

Limbo is a hypothetical afterlife condition of those who die in original sin without being assigned to the Hell of the damned. That being said, I think this is where I currently reside, its not so bad I guess
but then again it aint great. Today I been running around between work, cleaning up the streets in Zu City, and trying to find out if I am or am not suspended. This on top of the fact I've yet to get a good rest since my 22 hour drive back from V.A. The trip was cool, and some hood spots I seen was Petersburg, I know the name sound about as tough as Milhouse
but best believe I only want to spend as much time as it takes to drive through, so to anyone from Petersburg Virginia I recognize the real. The drive besides that was pretty uneventful alot of laughing at nothing and money being spent on energy drinks, and lottery tickets (I broke even, I think)but I got to spend time with family that I don't get to see much of which sucks, but when we do visit it makes me really appreciate that time even more. Other than neglecting the blog, and not recording any SPACE MONKEY TAPE DECK songs, oh yes you haven't heard haha oh shit, Zulou that's all you my friend. Soon, and I do mean soon me and Zulou will being putting up some tracks from our collective, yes collective not group cus we are individuals who collectively choose to work together with others outside of just us two and the collective is referred to as SPACE MONKEY TAPE DECK. We know the name sounds funny but trust we sound FRESHSHSHSHSHSH! So stay tuned for that please. So back to what I was saying, besides neglecting recording and blogging I've also not been reading or writing, but fret not citizens I plan on getting some rest, real good rest because and then I will be ready to Internet-orgasm all over the city, so until my brain work good, protect your neck and spread the love.

oh and one last thing Zu thanks for hooking the city up while I vacationed, its easy then a bitch to navigate.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Today's Playlist

ii am feeliing really blessed today,
wiith the love and support of Friiends
so ii am here to hiit you up wiith
some Epiic love songs.

love raiin
: Jill Scott & Mos Def
tiis the tale of the iintroductiion
of two soul mates.
Jill and Mos are monsters.
please iindulge.

me and my biitch: Notorious BIG
BIG spiittiin about Love?
say iit aiint so!!!!
the Oriigiinal "buss iit baby",
or what have you.
please iindulge.

beautiiful: Daimian Marley & Bobby Brown
bobby brown iis on the hook.
Daimian Marley iis
please iindulge.

show me: John Legend
a Real r&b love song.
remiinds you of Al Green's-lets stay together.
iits Beautiiful.
please iindulge.
the Words are Aliive.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Yo, motherfucers, and fatherfucers (it is fathers day after all)
I been on Hiatus cus i been in the sophisticated souf, Virginia (where them gun's go bang bang).
So first and most for big ups to JOSH my cousin graduating out that V.A. college bond with knowledge now.... stand up stand up... enough of that now. look I'm irritable cus I'm on the fucing road, shits weak, plus i'm horny so that's that too and ain't even seen the blog (I MISS YOU GUYS)WHAT A FAGGG (this blog does not endorse the slander of homosexuals, or anyone for that matter, except of course Kobe Bryant Pull your pants up ya dig) well if it seems I'm on a rambling tirade its cus I is, this is just a check in to let the beautiful citizens of zu york know I'm alive and well as can be, well I'd be better if females would call back (yeah I'm looking at you!!) so before I forget Zu nice poem glad you posted it, and thanks for showing me up ass-hat(copyright right now) and Scatterbrain you my dame good looks on following orders hahaha (I kid cus I love) E-mizzle the dope dizzle dopeness..... Fucing blogs looking nicer than a nice blah blah blah blah so I'll leave on this before I hit the outside for a cigar (nightcap) its a poem I been working on in my head (spoken word, Doing work son).........

I got So much Swag....

I got so much swag my pants have to sag
I got so much swag when I speak I brag,
its my speak and how I walk
my shoes in which I walk
the words in my head the thoughts I have.
I seen a dude in a zebra stripe shirt,
and his belt didn't match cus it was red,
and his shoes was just as bad,
but if it was me I swear I'd look rad, because
every bodies lame but me I swear to god. I swear
too, my swag's like the flu, be it I spit sick
project and adequate amount of style and pimp,
my style is sick, my swag, I hate to brag, but my swag
shit is so ahead of the world, I'm fearing for my future
cus I know its gotta be bright and with global warming
I'm afraid for my sight.....................
ladies love it, dudes ignore
my swag get slept on? Where was you before,
the above was said and mentioned .... man my swag is a portal
to another dimension y'all in disbelief should listen......
over weight and out of shape
but some how chicks can't resist and insist that I taste
so with haste I embrace there lips with a lick
to get em wet before the dip, see i swear to
him above I'm in love
with myself but can you blame me
I mean fuck me
I mean fuck ....see my swag got me wanting to touch me

peaches and apples, love for all...... I'll bee home Monday night Tuesday for certain

"if hip hop is dead ...

... i am the embalming fluid"

according to wikipedia, the end all be all to any argument, embalming fluid is used to preserve deceased (dead) individuals, sometimes only until the funeral, other times indefinitely.

[ZuLou] Lol, I see where you're going with this, Mr. Eric Michael.[/ZuLou]

that's nice to know zu. LOL.

let's say hip hop is dead. oh, you don't think hip hop is dead? ok ok its cool, i don't either, not that my opinion is greater than yours; we were all created, and therefore, are equal. i definitely believe that mainstream hip hop, which is actually a mixture of rap and pop, is somewhere paralyzed, on a couch, watching b.e.t. faithfully, and little wane + whatever drugs he chooses to use, is carrying the torch for the paralympics. the mainstream aspect of hip hop was once, believe it or not, very uplifting and thought provoking! you wouldn't believe this, but that back in the day, hip hop was so pure and great that the "bad" hip hop, the hip hop that was spoken against and unfavored by people that just don't understand the culture, were the likes of n.w.a. and icucube (who started off as THAT dude in n.w.a. until he released one of the greatest diss songs of all time: no vaseline). they were hated on for all of the RIGHT reasons. they were so politically charged, opinionated, well spoken and intelligent, that they instilled FEAR into lots of listeners. i always said, that if malcolm x had rapped, he would have been icucube (one of my favorite emcee's of all time), point blank. n.w.a. took the word, "nigga," and let you know what they thought of the word in a creative, expressive, artistic form. these cats weren't playing, and i guarantee that if hip hop was dead, they wouldn't want to preserve it until the funeral, they would want to resurrect it, "by any means necessary."

*let's say he was trying to be "creative" with the line, ok, but it still makes no sense at all. if someone is willing to just sound good over making actual sense, than that just shows where the state of (mainstream) hip hop is. no over-analyzing here, its not a complex line at all. now that i think of it, i miss the pre-drugged up lil' wayne, that guy was actually nice. little wane shows glimpses of lil' wayne every once and a while with his shooter's and his tie my hand's, but all that garbage "i'm the best rapper alive drugs money sex bitch" talk just reminds me that the original lil' wayne is just a memory.


"it is what it is" - nigga proverb.